Moo Do Academy provides a consistent approach to physical fitness, self-esteem, self-defense, and personal achievement
Moo Do Academy supports the principles of integrity, perseverance, respect for self and others as taught in the Tang Soo Do spirit.

Benefits of Tang Soo Do

•Self Esteem
•Respect For Self And Others
•Healthy Lifestyle
•Membership In The WTSDA

Skills Learned

•Self Defense
•Basic Hand Techniques
•Basic Kick Techniques
•Sparring Techniques
•Korean Terminology
•History Of Martial Arts
•Korean History

We Instill

•Good Citizenship
•Strong Work Ethic
•Good Grades
•Can do Attitude

“We Build Confidence and Develop Character through postive role modeling in a family friendly environment.” - Master DeFeo​


The term Tang Soo Do is a relatively new name for a martial art, which has developed over a period of thousands of years. This ancient form of martial art which traces its lineage back 2000 years to the Korean peninsula, is a method of empty hand and foot, and weapon fighting, based on the scientific use of the body in self-defense.

Physically, Tang Soo Do is based on the principles of yielding, circular motion and penetration. However, as an art, Tang Soo Do combines many aspects, such as the effort to live with developmental principles, defensive and offensive skills, handling weapons, developing power and living a healthy and harmonious life, physically and mentally. Conceptually, it is a defensive martial art, and should never be used violently or excessively.

Tang Soo Do is also a harmonious training of body, mind, and spirit. Tang Soo Do is not a sport, and is much more than self-defense. Its most important aspect is a way to enter total tranquility – moo shim – which is the most powerful and peaceful state of being.

A Tang Soo Do practitioner’s ultimate goal is not only to possess excellent techniques, but, more importantly, to develop and perfect one’s character as well.

The World Tang Soo Do Association got its start in 1968 as the United States Tang Soo Do Federation when Master Jae Chul Shin came to the US from Korea. After 14 years of promoting the art in the US and the world, Master Shin’s association was reorganized to fit new demands. It became the World Tang Soo Do Association in 1982 and since its inception has expanded from 17 member studios to over 600.

Studios of the World Tang Soo Do Association enjoy many benefits of membership in the Association, such as clinics on weapons and self-defense, regional and world tournaments, seminars showcasing the different aspects of the art and even a look at other various martial arts.

Having become one of the most respected traditional martial art organizations, the World Tang Soo Do Association has entered the new century striving for new dimensional development. With studio locations on six different continents it is truly a world association

A Tang Soo Do practitioner's ultimate goal is not only to possess excellent techniques, but, more importantly, to develop and perfect one's character as well.


Jae C. Shin, Founder
World Tang Soo Do Association

Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin is one of the most recognized names in Tang Soo Do today.
Born in Korea in 1936, Grandmaster Shin was 12 years old when he began training in Tang Soo Do under Grandmaster Hwang Kee. By the time he was a Cho Dan, he was already an assistant instructor at the central gym. He was recruited to the Korean Air Force in 1958 and while there began teaching American soldiers.

He came to the U.S. in 1968 as a representative of the Korean Soo Bahk Do Association and formed the U.S. Tang Soo Do Association at Grandmaster Hwang Kee's request. That same year, Black Belt Magazine honored him by devoting a full chapter to him in the book, "20th Century Warriors," putting him in the company of the most legendary martial arts figures ever.

In 1982, he founded what is now the largest Tang Soo Do organization in the world, the World Tang Soo Do Association.

Robert Beaudoin, Grand Master
World Tang Soo Do Association

It’s interesting that several of our masters originally started their Tang Soo Do training in Korea. Master Robert E Beaudoin is no exception. Perhaps his dad’s tour in the Army made it inevitable.

A 7th Dan as of July, 1972, Master Beaudoin began his Tang Soo Do career in 1962 while stationed in the U.S. Air Force in Osan, Korea. “I thought Judo would be too easy, Hapkido too hard, but Tang Soo Do a challenge. I liked the discipline of Mr. Shin.” He earned his 1st Degree Black Belt on Mother's Day, May 12, 1963 at a test in Inchon Korea. His Dan number is 005661. “My first instructor was an American ex-GI Language Professor at Yale University who was a red belt conducting our Physical Education class requirement for all military personnel attending Yale Mandarin Chinese Language School in 1960-61. I learned a round kick and some forms, making a promise to myself to pursue this art when arriving in the Far East.”

His studies in Korea were the beginning of a life-long commitment to Tang Soo Do. “My first school was at Walker Air Force Base in Roswell, New Mexico, an SAC base. I began training on base for military personnel, including pilots, and eventually families (1963-64). I was discharged and left with five red belts taking over who spread throughout the country achieving ranks and schools. One of the original students ended up at a Master's Clinic in Tampa, Florida.” During his tenure in the association, Master Beaudoin has been Secretary General for the World Tang Soo Do Association, active in the promotion of women, children & families involvement; created the Karate Kids Olympics, a specially designed event for kids 3-12 focusing on breaking, forms, and sparring competition with an Olympic theme; and fostering the growth of the Creativity teams and competition.


Richard DeFeo - Sah Dan, Master Chief Instructor

Mr. DeFeo is a fourth-degree black belt instructor certified through the World Tang Soo Do Association. He is also a first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He has specialized training in flexible and edged weapons, and he is currently training in Modern Arnis.

Mr. DeFeo has competed in and won medals at local, regional and world tournaments in forms including open hand, knife and sword He has also competed in and won in sparring. Mr. DeFeo has made martial arts a way of life since 1988. He teaches all ages and levels, and develops and implements the training of class instructors.

Saundra DeFeo - E Dan, Class Instructor

Mrs. DeFeo is a second-degree black belt instructor certified through the World Tang Soo Do Association. She specializes in teaching beginning students as well as teaching the women’s karate and self-defense program. Mrs. DeFeo has competed in and won medals at local, regional and world tournaments. Mrs. DeFeo is also a certified yogini who has been teaching yoga for more than twenty years. In the last few years she has been studying and practicing qi gong and meditation.