Palm Coast Open
Martial Arts Tournament
Saturday, February 17, 2018

Moo Do Academy of Martial Arts, LLC and Core Martial Arts and Fitness, LLC are hosting the 2nd Open Karate Tournament for all traditional karate styles and disciplines on Saturday, February 17, 2018 from 12:00 – 5:00 pm located at the: Flagler Palm Coast High School Gymnasium, 5500 FL-100, Palm Coast, Florida 32110

Competition for ages 4 to Adult:

All competitors age 4-7 may compete in form/kata and flag/ribbon sparring, and breaking. (NOTE: With the permission of parent/guardian and advice of instructor/s participants under the age of 8 may compete in light contact sparring) Ages 8 to adult may compete in open-hand form/kata, light contact sparring, and breaking. All participants competing in sparring (including 4-7 yr. old) must have protective gear as listed below or they will not be eligible to spar:

  • - 4- 7 year-old Participants: head and a protective cup (males only), and a mouthpiece (flag/ribbon sparring)
  • - All Light Contact Participants: head, hand, foot, shin, chest shield, mouthpiece and cups (males only)

Light Contact Sparring: The light contact sparring divisions will be held at the end of the general competition. All techniques must be above the belt and to the front of the body – NO TECHNIQUES TO THE BACK. NO PUNCHES TO THE FACE OR HEAD (closed fist only & no spinning hand tech). KICKS TO THE HEAD ARE ALLOWED BUT NO CONTACT.

Breaking: All competitors are eligible to compete in breaking. You must pre-order the boards from us (up to 4 boards) at $10.00 for this division (do not bring your own boards). You must provide holders. No breaking with the head is allowed. You are responsible for the clean up to be completed after you break.

Medals and Trophies: A Trophy is awarded to the First-Place competitor with medals awarded for 2nd, 3rd and co-3rd for all divisions. Participants 8 and under who do not place will be awarded a participation medal. An overall best male and female black belt, and male and female colored belt/ranked students will be awarded. The overall trophy winners will be based on participation in 3 divisions, (Open hand Forms/Kata, Sparring and Breaking). All participants eligible for overall trophies must be present at the end of the tournament or forfeit to the next eligible participant present. Ties will be broken by rank then by birth date (highest rank wins, same rank-elder birth date, still tied-by random drawing).

An OVERALL BEST STUDIO TROPHY will be awarded at the end of the tournament. The chief instructor or instructor representative must be present to receive the trophy or forfeit to the next eligible school present.

REGISTRATION FEE – Post Marked by Feb 5, 2017:
Age 4-7: $25.00
Age 8 and up: $50.00

LATE FEE Registrations Post Marked Feb. 6 - Feb.10th (Add $15.00)
Age 4-7 with late fee: $40.00
Age 8 and up with late fee: $65.00


Judging & Scorekeeper/Timekeeper: The competition will follow World Tang Soo Do (WTSDA) and the World Karate Federation competition rules. We are in need of volunteers for both Judging and Scorekeeping/Timekeeping. Judges must be a Black Belt ages 17 and up. Scorekeeper/Timekeeper volunteers maybe a parent, sibling, or student over age 14. Please see the additional form to volunteer. Volunteers receive free admission and snacks in the hospitality center.

Spectators: Spectators are encouraged to attend for a nominal fee of $3.00 per person (children under 6 are free) or the donation of a nonperishable food item or new personal hygiene item per person. All spectator fees and donations will go to Flagler County charities of the tournament committee’s choice.

The goal of this tournament is to learn and have fun. Please remember, good sportsmanship will be shown at all times by everyone!

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